TikTok introduces new capabilities
in Effect House

Branded Effects allows brands to collaborate with TikTok effect creators in an instant. Brands can directly sponsor these special effects through Branded Effects. Make sure to add your brand elements to the effect and be creative in designing the most engaging effect to activate users worldwide. TikTok has been embracing creativity and is allowing for more opportunities to add to your Branded Effect by collaborating directly with top Effect House Creators.

Brands can now go utilize TikTok Effect House to get in contact with the best Effect Creators within the industry. This way, brands are in the lead to connect with creators and can go all-in with their Branded Effect creation. So what is possible with Branded Effects?

> What types of Branded Effects could you make?

Everyone knows the Green Screen Effects which, as the name suggests, uses Green Screen to display a person in front of any content that fits your brand.

Too, Interactive Effects allow the user to touch, play, and use body language to manipulate the effect. The user can play fun games, rankings, & quizzes that are relevant to your brand. With interactive effects you can co-create with your audience by having them choose menu options to change their appearance: change the color of your AR hat, overlaying stickers, or use bodily movements to dictate change by following dance moves to score points.

If you want to go all out, your brand can “Go Big or Go Home” & build whole augmented reality worlds. World Effects that encapsulate the complete surroundings of the end user. Here’s some inspiration for your Branded World filter: the user can have planets levitate close to you from his/her garden or even have your brand’s giant logo right in front of them. Creativity is endless, and incorporating brand elements in such a World effect will be possible to a greater extent.

> Community Effects vs. Branded Effects

Compared to Community Effects, with Branded Effects your brand will be able to use paid traffic solutions and allow your Branded Effect to go to the next level with your audience targeting & analytics. Moreover, you can decide which videos (that use the Branded Effect) appear on the details page of your Effect. Lastly, your Effect can be placed on the ‘Trending’ page of the Effect panel.

> Narrative through AR Effects

Storytelling is the best way to engage users throughout a full funnel. Get your audiences’ attention in the awareness phase with Creators using your Branded Effect on your brand page or having them discover the effect on their favorite Creators’ pages. In the interaction phase, your audience can use the Effect, become interested in what you have to offer and engage. Lastly, by going all out you can make sure your audience is being linked to a page where they can convert. Make sure to use the optional Call-to-Action placements to link to your external landing page, website, or other platforms.

If you haven’t tried building Branded Effects yet, this is your cue to spread creativity and ensure your brand is on top of its game with Branded AR Effects!


TikTok introduces new capabilities in Effect House - Branded Effects

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